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Friday, May 27, 2011

Superhero Girl 60

This is how out of it I am when it comes to dating: when I drew this, I wondered if I should draw SHG's roommate and her date nuzzling, because I didn't know if it was typical to kiss on the first date. Shows what I knoooowww. Everything I know about young singles datin' I learned from watching re-runs of 'Friends.'

Anyway, soon we will learn what disastrous things happen when Superhero Girl tries to find a hobby...


  1. I wonder if there was no crime because of Glasses Girl or for some other reason? Should be interesting to see what sorts of things SHG tries as a hobby. ^^;;

  2. She wants a hobby? Should I be warning the inhabitants of her city that they should consider evacuating? The country? Their planet?
    ...Nah, I'm sure it couldn't possibly get that bad.

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  4. i love how they are both eating ice cream at the same time

  5. Ditto on Mercy's comment, plus: I love the way in which they are eating ice cream at the same time...

    Some comedienne once hypothesized a restaurant for single people: No chairs -- you eat standing over a kitchen sink; whatever you order, they bring it with the original packaging, so you can read it while you eat; and after you order, you have to eat a pint of Häagen-Dazs while you wait for it.

  6. "Glasses Girl" is called Spectacle, Tangent. You could at least use her name. It's only polite.

  7. You have a real talent, and your comics just leave me smiling.