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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Superhero Girl 59

Hee hee! Aw, Superhero Girl. You have made the fatal mistake of thinking your cat cares about you. THEY DON'T CARE. Except when they do. But that's only on their terms and never on yours so when you REALLY need them to be supportive, they're all 'oh hai this plant is so much more interesting than you, human.'

Anyway, good call everyone who said SHG's roommate and veggie dip guy should hook up (since these strips are drawn in advance [altho we are quickly catching up to the advance stack of comics], this strip was already drawn by the time the Veggie Dip Guy strip was posted). A few strips ago someone guessed a plotline I've been thinking about for a while (like, A MONTH AGO), so now I don't know if I should do that plotline. Anyway, it was weird and psychic.

Oh, on the weekend I was complaining about drawing the comic and suggested other people draw it instead. I got a couple of hilarious faux Superhero Girl strips which you can see here and here. Adorable! Nice job, readers.


  1. Awwww....*gives Superhero Girl a hug*

  2. I swear to god, cats hate everyone

  3. This is EXACTLY what my Small Cat would do in these circumstances. Only then she would narrow her eyes in a lizardy fashion and sharpen her claws on my possessions, just for good measure.

  4. Aww yay, dates are nice!

    But aww nuu, poor SHG.

    I think you should still do the storyline that whoever it was guessed - thinking up a general idea is easier to duplicate than thinking up actual details and dialogue and art, so, it'd still be your show!

  5. Being a cat is harder work than it seems. You want to be there for your people, but then SOMETHING NEW happens and you can't just leave it alone. Curiosity is a burden, as expressed so painfully in that old saying.

    Oh, and great page as always.

  6. Silly kitty. She could have learned all of superhero girl's secrets moves.

  7. No, no -- cats do care about us. Just like how some people care about a favorite chair or particularly comfortable bed.

    Dogs see us as members of their pack. Cats see us as furniture with opposable thumbs.

    1. Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

  8. Poor Superhero Girl.

  9. Not quite a fan comic as I didn't want to totally borrow SHG's style, but I did reference her in the mask department of my Supergirl redesign on Warren Ellis's forum.

    Tempted to try a proper fan comic now...

  10. Secrets of superheroing:
    Get bitten by a radioactive spider
    Get resurrected

  11. You have made the fatal mistake

    Oh, my I really hope not. On the other hand, death by pet cat? What could be apropos for our dear Superhero Girl?

  12. This is perfect in every way. Also, kitty does love you. She just doesn't love you right now because YOU want HER affection right now. She'll love you again later when SHE wants YOUR affection.