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Friday, May 13, 2011

Superhero Girl 56

Yay, Blogger lives! For some reason it was in read-only mode most of last night and today, so I couldn't update the comic. But here it is at last, in all its glory. Anyway. When I designed New Superhero Girl's outfit I thought it should look like the ultimate cute nerdy girl outfit. Thus: glasses, tall socks and kneepads. XD

Since the last post was written before TCAF, I'd like to mention that my first convention with a self-published book (the SHG collection) was a HUGE success. I sold everything I brought with me, and sold out early. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought a book!


  1. You preach it, Superhero Girl! That is one of the dumbest parts of the job market.

    New girl's fairly cute, although her chin might be a bit too square for my tastes in that last panel. Obviously I'll have to see her up close in more than one panel before I can really judge. Is she going to stick around? Where did she come from?

  2. Oh SHG, you speak my mind.

    Congrats on the convention success!

  3. Watch out, SHG! You've got competition, now!

    Or, y'know, someone to talk to who can relate to being a superhero who isn't Kevin... either one.

    I like the new girl's costume. The glasses-as-mask make it look even more like every day clothes than SHG's!

  4. I've been showing this series to my students and they love it! Keep up the good work!

  5. Blogger was suffering from heat death and was devouring old comments and the like. I halfway wonder if it would eventually have started eating actual posts.

    I like the other Superhero girl. Especially that her emblem is her glasses. =^-^=

    I Dub Thee: Glasses Girl! (Which works with alliterative aspects as well.)

  6. Just read through the entire archive of Superhero Girl. Very endearing and funny! Looking forward to more of her battle against injustice (or, at least, the annoying and less than civic).

  7. My congratulations on your sale success.

    You earned it !

  8. *gasp* Does this mean it's time for a super hero team-up!?