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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Superhero Girl 55

LIFE LESSON TIME. Or something. I dunno.

Again, typing this from the past, but I hope everyone had a great time at TCAF and I hope I met all of you or something! It's weird trying to predict the future.


  1. I'm still curious how both the Roommate and Dippie were able to resist the control of the villain. A twisted evil part of me can't resist wondering if they might end up a couple... and just who or what Dippie's roommate ends up being. (Irony of ironies, it would be Skeptic Guy.)

  2. I love that she put her mask on to discuss this.

  3. Craig, I think we've established that she's not too comfortable going about without the mask -- kinda like Linus Van Pelt's blue flannel blanket.

    I think Roommate deserves superhero training, at least to the Sidekick level -- it is quite possible that she has a superpower, to wit: immunity (or at least unusual resistance) to mental superpowers.

  4. The last two panels felt a little awkward to be dialogue-wise. It just seems kinda odd for SHG to repeat herself in that way. Maybe if roommate had said "Who knew going to this party would make you think about things so much" or something along those lines. Other than that I things it's a nice resolution to the party with an opening for more antics to come.

  5. I'm with Robert-- does Roomie have latent superpowers? Are Dippie and her twins, separated a birth but sharing the same power? When will Skeptic Guy make a reappearance? Is the kitty from strip #2 an alien from a planet of feline-like creature, sent to earth to seek the mythical energy source "Cat-Nip"? The world needs to know!

    Also, I agree that it's hilarious that SHG's wearing her mask in this. I guess ordinary's in the eye of the beholder. :)

  6. Just discovered Superhero Girl this morning and instead of working I read them all. Wonderful stuff! You have been bookmarked (look at me, making verbs out of nouns!).

    Is it wrong that I have a crush on Superhero Girl's roommate?