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Friday, May 6, 2011

Superhero Girl 54

... and then I was like "oh, whatever, just hit him with something and end this thing already" which is how many of my storylines seem to end. XD

So! If my calculations are correct (I'm typing this in the past), this weekend is the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! Please come visit me and buy a book (or two) from me at the festival (I will have copies of the self-pubbed Superhero Girl book, Zombies Calling, The War at Ellsmere, and Brain Camp as well as prints & buttons for sale)! I'd love to say hi and sketch in your purchased books and get your opinions on comics and life in general. I will be at table 206 on the 2nd floor of the library, with my awesome boyfriend Tim and my nifty friend Noreen. They will also have fun things (like buttons and prints) to sell, so buy something from them as well! Hope to see everyone there!


  1. fistbump.....OF JUSTICE!!!

  2. I hope Blase Dressing Dude is a recurring character. He's so laid back about a super-hero and super-vilain being at the party. He could be Skeptic guy's foil.

    Also, doesn't he totally know SHG's secret identity now?

  3. That might be one of the greatest uses of Veggie Dip I've seen in a comic.


    And don't worry, Faith -- this is how about 98% of all superhero storylines ever have always ended (down from 99.7% in 1963).

  5. Yep, I think Pow! was exactly the way to end it. Well done.

  6. But that does mean that SHG's roommate is now her Sidekick.

  7. Still funny Faith!

    I had some concerns about the length of time your joke runs, but realized that your setup is not to tell a brief joke with a sudden impact, but a longer running humorous situation, so in short, cool comic. :)

  8. Faith Erin Hicks wrote: "how many of my storylines seem to end"

    Don't be so hard on yourself. It worked, and was funny to boot!

    The estimable Scott Adams once ended a Dilbert mini-arc with a caption box that read something like, "This whole giant cucumber thing isn't nearly as funny as I hoped, so let's just wrap it up now" and a single panel with a bad pun. And this is way better than that.

  9. David J ProkopetzMay 8, 2011 at 12:52 AM

    If a superhero story *doesn't* end with punching, you're doing something wrong.

  10. [SunlessNick]

    The comments to a previous strip mentioned the "story, story, story, punchline, zinger" structure - this just proves that it works for arcs as well as individual strips.

    P.S. The word recognition thing I have to type to post "anonymously" is reading "remingo" this time. I don't know why, but that I thought that totally sounded like it should be this villain's handle.