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Friday, April 15, 2011

Superhero Girl 48

I'm not quite sure if Superhero Girl's roommate is being "nice" by saying SHG looked good fighting Marshmallow Menace, or if she actually thought SHG looked good. She seems sincere. This actually reminds me of times where I've really enjoyed something by someone (say an artwork by a fellow artist), told them so, and have been privy to very long rants about why the work is terrible.

Which, being an artist who can't stand her older work, I COMPLETELY understand. :D


  1. I really like to see SHG frustrated - funny. I think you should totally make her face like an UBER bad guy, but she would be so exited she'll like try to help his plan to make it more challenging, and that would make him leave...
    I'm babbling. Awesome strip, big fan.
    4 thumbs up

  2. I love being up at all hours and seeing these when they come online.

  3. How often do artists ever really like their own work? I think their is something about artists that prohibit them from seeing anything but the negatives... at least 90% of the time. Occasionally they may see something they drew and be like "ooh, I'm so happy with panel 3" ... but then they immediately counter that with "...argh, but what did I do in panel 5? Argh I such!"

    Or maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, SGH remains awesome and I love that she is so eager to fight crime, but has so much trouble finding a respectable villain. Hopefully she never will...

  4. Ever since King Ninja took the job at Tim Horton's the city has been pretty devoid of super villians except...Hipsterman, but I don't think you have heard of him.
    BTW keep up the entertaining stuff.

  5. I think this is my favourite one so far

  6. Well, Roommate Girl didn't turn veiny and say "done" in a creepy voice, so we're probably okay.

    (Buffy wish-granting demon reference.)

  7. SHG's roomie looks as if she is related to 'WordGirl' on pbs.. a cousin maybe.

    BTW I am saving all the frames of SHG until you come out with a book and then I will purchase that for you to sign.
    (support your comic artist)

  8. I was just referred to this webcomic yesterday, and have now read through the archive... I gotta say, I love your stuff (must catch up on D101 next). I especially like that she doesn't have a tragic origin story -- honestly, I can think of maybe a dozen superheroes who have one such, and about half of them are X-Men (and those are all related to each other, at that).

    I've only skimmed the comments archive, but have you settled on a final superhero name for Kevin? If not, I noticed someone suggested "Young Thunder," but I think "Yuppie Thunder" is more his speed.

    Anyway, Superhero Girl is fantastic, and much better than Beverageman or The Googler.

  9. Wyrm>> I like Yuppie Thunder! And welcome, glad you like the strip. :)

    Alon>> Soon SHG WILL be facing an Uber bad guy... but he's not what you think.

    twilliams>> There will be a book! Unfortunately it'll probably only be available at conventions for the moment... are you attending TCAF in May? I'll be there with my SHG book.

  10. I gotta say, reading this right now honestly made me feel really good. I'm trying to get over the anxiety of putting my work out for people to see, and it helps a lot to hear about other artists hating their work sometimes too.
    Also, I've loved your work since I was in high school, so it's always nice to read something by one of you favorite artists! :-)

  11. Having room for improvement doesn't mean bad. I think the important thing is, whether you can subjectively stand it or not, recognizing the value your work has/had for others. Though, since I remember following D101 as you were working about it, and we're around the same age I may be a bit biased. Given how embarrassed I can be over my old writing, though (even if it's just a few months old) probably not too biased.

    Also, SGH, you're being a ridiculous roommate, and maybe a poor citizen. :P