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Friday, February 4, 2011

Superhero Girl 28

The city Superhero Girl protects seems to have a ninja infestation... I decided I wanted to do a comic with her punching things, since she hasn't done that a lot. This was fun to draw.


  1. With the tone of the comic and the infestation of ninjas, Superhero Girl makes me think of the early issues of The Tick. And that's not meant as a bad thing of course (it's hard to make a comparison to The Tick a bad thing).

    I think what I like best about the strip is how non-chalant the heroine is about the actual super heroine aspects of her life. Fighting ninjas and dealing with giant monsters from outer space is clearly not as dramatic as dealing with a roommate or getting to a job interview on time.

  2. I always wondered how a hero with super strength manages to beat the crap out of bad guys without grinding their bones to dust and liquefying their organs. After all, all superheros know that killing the bad guys is wrong.

  3. @PaladinRevenant I guess the bad guys drink a lot of milk?
    anyway, I just noticed I've been reading the comment and hadn't commented a single time! it was time to remedy that.
    Also, I don't know why, but I LOVE Superhero Girl's ears, they're so pretty (I don't have an ear fetish, btw)

  4. This is turning into my favorite webcomic.

  5. I love that the ninjas just nonchalantly accept her running off to a job interview. It's like they exist to (and enjoy!) be(ing) beaten up by superhero(ines). =^-^=

    And yes, this is quickly becoming a favorite comic.

    Rob H.

  6. Angry>> The Tick (cartoon) TV show was a bit influence on my teenhood. I loved it a LOT. I've never read the comic, tho.

    Rob>> Well, I assume the ninjas are on the clock, and if SHG is done with them, they get off work early. ;)

  7. i like that. haha wanna grab a beer lol