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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Superhero Girl 23

Seriously. That job suuuucks.
I'm not quite sure what Superhero Girl's roommate's powers would be. Maybe she could fight crime with the power of half-lidded eyes.


  1. She had quite a stare... or is it a glare ?

    She could glare criminals into submission. She'd be called "the Glare"

  2. half lidded ayes lol second wood

  3. I always thought that sidekicks were the superhero apprentice program. I mean, how many of Batman's sidekicks went on to become heroes in their own right? (And is it that easy to get powers? What, does Superhero Girl need to bite her roommate so that with every full moon she becomes Super Roommate Girl? ^^)

  4. B'aw.
    I have been lurking for a while, enjoying your comic and now decided to finally tell you how much your art inspires me.
    The facial expressions are so full of life, I could stare at them for hours. *_*
    And it all looks so... I dunno, effortless! The poses don't seem wooden or anything but are really... smooth.

    Anyway, err, I am going to order some of your comics now. XD

  5. Kath >> Aw, thank you so much!

    Robot >> I guess being a sidekick is an apprentice program? I'm not really sure. I guess Robin graduated to become Nightwing, but the other Robins that followed, well, the less said about them the better.

  6. In high school, I would have loved to have been the side kick. I already was my best friends' side kicks. Much less pressure when you are in the background a bit.

  7. Hey! in this one, super hero girl reminds me to the classic evil guy with the cat and the comfortable armchair. She looks cool!!

  8. How could roommate girl even be able to join Superhero Girl? I mean, her powers are natural, not like you can train someone to be able to jump over a building or be bulletproof. Being a Oracle-like sidekick may be her best bet.

  9. lol XD please no one that desperate.

    well i would say the same be partner not a sidekick^_^ if anyone ever saw jlu. where green arrow calls speedy his sidekick and he like ex partner. lol

  10. Though as any nerd knows, Robin has since gone from Nightwing to Gotham's official Batman (Bruce is Batman for the international community). One of the other Robins has become "Red Robin," while a girl who had a brief fling as Robin is the current Batgirl.

    All of which is beside the point of your comic, which is excellent.

  11. A few sidekicks became their own heroes (Robin/Nightwing, Speedy/Red Arrow) or replaced their master (Kid Flash/Flash), while others became evil (Robin/Red Hood) and even those that died in action.

  12. Look! In the sky!

    ...No wait hold on, she's just annoying villains with plot-holes and snark, but nonetheless, she is...Super Roommate Girl!