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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Superhero Girl 004

Yeah, I know Batman is a billionaire playboy and can afford to pay someone to make his outfits, and Superman's mom can sew his supersuit out of a blanket left in his rocketship, but what's the superhero on a budget to do? I always figured they'd re-purpose some leftover halloween cape. That's probably what I would do, since I can't sew. Anyway, there are way too many easy jokes to be made about superhero outfits, and I decided early into this comic I wasn't going to make them. So insert your own commentary about spandex here...


  1. I like how the cape billows, just the way a good superhero cape should, as soon as it's put on.

  2. SUPERHEROES: Without them, spandex stores would go bankrupt. >:D