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Friday, November 19, 2010

Superhero Girl 005 & 006

Okay, you guys get two strips today! Mostly because I hate one of them, and I can't just post something I hate. I have to post something I like too. Otherwise I'll be sad.

This one is dumb. I was still trying to figure out where I wanted to go with the strip, and this is more in the direction of "clueless superhero does clueless stuff." Ugh. Usually I show my boyfriend my comics and if he giggles, I know it's a good comic. He didn't like this one, and I agree. The character doesn't even look right... her hair is all grown up and coiffed. Anyway... on to the next strip:

That's better. I felt I needed to ask myself where I wanted to go with the strip: did I really want to do something that was a straight parody of superhero comics, or something that was about a girl and her life and she just happened to be a superhero? I decided on the latter, thank god.


  1. sorry but ...I DISAGREE ?!

    My fav is the first strip so thanks for posting both.

    I can see where visually (like the hair) the 2nd strip is nicer though.

    Also, the first strip can be interpreted politically and thus anger some Canadians.

  2. lol, yeah. Canada's lack of supervillains is a touchy subject. ;)

  3. I like both, but the first one's just funny. The second one's magic. Very human. And the first and last panels are gorgeous.

  4. i like the 1st one best but understand that its not what your going for with the series. agree with kurt.

    love them both ofcourse.
    thanks a bunches Faith!

  5. I love that she wears her mask to bed. That's just adorable.

  6. I actually prefer the first one, though I think the "Just saying." hampers the punch line. Both are very cute!

  7. I think the first one's got a good concept behind it, but the script is off. The first panel, though, is wonderful.

    As for her hair, I secretly think that, when going out looking for her archnemesis, she might put a little extra effort into how she looks, just in case she stumbles across them. Like, maybe that's her best ringer tee-with-star-on-it too.

    In the second one, though, it's the last panel that gets me. It does a good job of indicating what kind of comic this is going to be - humor with a dash of appropriately-calibrated serious stuff. I'm looking forward to it.

  8. I like your thinking, Eli. Anyway, the strip's constantly in a state of flux, so I often cringe looking back at the writing. But it's fun that it's a little rough around the edges.

  9. I completely agree with Kurt Busiek. The first strip is funny. . .cute even, but the second is simply incredible.

  10. Thanks to CBR's "A Line is Drawn" for sending me here. Love the second one (006?) is lovely. Superhero comics need more of this.

  11. Linked here from "Planet Karen" and I'm so glad. Your comic is a gem.

    Like many others, I rather like the first one - it's charming and fun. And unlike some I don't even think the dialog or timing needs any changes.

    As an artist myself (though not a comic artist) I know I'm always harder on myself than others are and when an other who's opinion I value (like a significant other's) dislikes something I've done it just exacerbates the effect. The truth is, not everything you draw will always appeal to any one person, so while you should definitely look for feedback it's best to ask for it from more than just one person so the feedback is well rounded.

    (Now if all three people you ask for feedback say they don't like the comic...)

    Also - do you ask for feedback after or before you've drawn it? I was reading Howard Taylor's blog (he is the author/artist of the "Schlock Mercenary" webcomic) where he was talking a bit about some of his writing practices. One thing he said was that he often runs script ideas past his wife and sometimes friends BEFORE he actually draws them. He finds this is helpful for when he has a good idea but the planned script isn't quite hitting the right mark as then he can adjust the script before committing anything to paper. Don't know if that little insight will help you or not, but thought I'd share it anyway. :-)


  12. I prefer the second one. No one seems to have mentioned the person in the first strip is suspiciously similar to the person in strip 004, making it look like Superhero Girl is stalking this person.

  13. I think you were right. It's not that the first one is BAD, but the second one is significantly better.

  14. Both comics are beautifully realized. As others have commented, the first comic is a slightly better *gag*. But the second comic is subtler, stronger, and really *really* wants me to read more; giving me confidence in the series (which I am late to).