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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Superhero Girl 89

Yes, that is a bear wearing a monocle in the last panel there. Also, FOR REALS, Superhero Girl's roommate needs a name so I should get on that. I have reasons for not giving Superhero Girl a name, but there's no reason (other than general laziness) that Roommate Girl doesn't have one. So ... soon there will be naming, I promise.

Otherwise, hey look, my website got revamped! My Wordpress knowledgeable friend Lissa put it together, and I think it looks very nice. I really just want a portfolio site to store my good artwork (for clients to find & hire me) and online comics, not a personal site that requires regular updates (I have NO TIME for that), and I think this design works well. Let me know if you have any issues with the site, I'd appreciate it! There are still a few things I need to fix up, but overall it's pretty complete. (Btw, If you would like a nice little wordpress site, you can hire Lissa too.)

And check out the guest art I did for my boyfriend Tim's online comic, One of Those Days! It's sparkly and inspired by Laputa. :D


  1. Hey-o, just so you know on your Random Web Comics page, there are no links to the bottom four comics (clicking the icon goes to a small image). Revamp looks good though!

  2. My $.02...I think that you should have a contest to figure out Roommate Girl's name. I don't know what you would offer as a prize, but I'm sure anything you offered would make your fans happy.

  3. Holy Crap! I totally just thought that bear (what's his name? Gentleman Grizzly? Sir Grizzly von Berenstain?!) just had a wonky bug-eye; I was too distracted by the tie. A monocle? Now that's just too much!

    As for the lack of...proper names, really, I'm cool with it. In the webcomic Doctor Cat, all the characters are just named stuff like "Human Nurse" and "Lawyer Cat."

  4. "Hey, she used my name!" and a thank you in the commentary would be a fine prize.

    Also, I presume that's a spare mask, otherwise RG is in real danger of catching cold too. As well as Monocle Bear, Esquire.

  5. Roommate Girl vs Ursus Monoclus!

  6. I kinda vote for her staying Roommate Girl; no one with a mere name is worthy of being Superhero Girl's sidekick. :)


  7. Thanks, Fongolia. Will fix ASAP.

    Eh, I want Roommate Girl to have a proper name. Kevin has a name ... something ordinary like "Mary." :D

  8. In that case, I'm going to suggest Jen.

  9. Have a contest, we'll provide tons of names, and you pick which ever you like. I offer Patty, short for Patrice.

  10. I think she should have an R name. Maybe her initials can be RG so we can secretly know it also stands for Roommate Girl. Maybe Ruby. Or Rachel. and a common last name, like Gardner or Gibson.

  11. Ah, I like that, Solo! RG it is. But I kind of want to call her Rashida... Rashida Gibson? Nice. Gold star for you.

  12. Does that mean that Rashida Gibson is now her name?

    I dig that. Don't know many white girls named Rashida...and that's a huge part of the appeal.

    (That was a really cool idea, solobutterfly!)

  13. Hey! New reader here, just finished caching up with this comic, it's really good.

    I am a Friends With Boys reader since the very beginning, and i just discovered this comic, and it's (also) awesome :)

    I think a good name for Roommate Girl would be Katie

  14. It looks like things are about to get pretty grizzly!

    Nyuck nyuck!

    ...I am ashamed of myself now...

  15. Website looks great! Friends With Boys says 2010 instead of 2012 on the "Published" page, though, fyi!

  16. "Do not steal/trace/ repost without permission.
    If you steal (and tracing is stealing)..."

    Say guat!? I'm not a good artist at all. I have the imagination but I lack the skill. My hands and fingers don't listen to what my mind's eye can paint. So I trace in order to learn how to "teach" my hands to abide by the wishes of my artistically feeble mind. I do not benefit nor do I intend to in any way nor do I misrepresent any of the "artwork" I produce using this method and used it strictly for my own personal self abuse.

    I was not aware this was wrong.

    1. Matthias von SchwarzwaldMarch 14, 2020 at 4:44 PM

      This must be some strange new usage of the word *trace* of which we were not previously aware.

  17. She's such a good roommate...but this is like the third time she really would have been better off if Superhero Girl had just trained her in her secret ways earlier, which, I imagine, is part of the fun.