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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Superhero Girl 88

Superhero Girl, you have the nicest roommate! Well, at least she never noticed that hole Spectacle punched in the wall. Or the broken TV. Dunno what happened with that ....

So two things this week! One, my boyfriend Tim completely his long running (six years!) webcomic One of Those Days, so major congrats to him! Yeah, getting those first six years of drawing comics over with is pretty tough, but once you're past them, it's smooth sailing to super star comic-dom. (I am kidding.)

Two, I posted a loooong post over at the Friends With Boys site about how I write and draw my comics, so if you're interested in my process, go check it out.


  1. Awesome. I would so be that roommate. And I would laugh and laugh.

  2. And here I figured Spectacle just ponied up the money for repairs. ^^;;

  3. Oh, Superhero Girl, I'm a lowly civilian and I have that same "I don't have time to be sick" mentality.

    Also, I was assuming SG's roommate was waiting for ironic timing to kick in and a new supervillain would suddenly appear.

    1. The supervillain probably had a cold, too.

  4. Hah, yeah, this comic is definitely based on how I am feeling right now. ^_^ Who has time for this sick nonsense!!

  5. Personally, I assumed Spectacle just paid for the damage, given that her alter ego IS a rich socialite with too much time on her hands.

  6. Love the inking and brushwork! Reminds me a lot of Will Eisner's stuff.