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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Superhero Girl 82

Superhero Girl you need to get better at the secret identity thing.

Nothing else to say except thanks for all the Birthday wishes and lovely Superhero Girl fanart! I was away on vacation last week, but now I am catching up. Also, do remember my other comic Friends With Boys (plug plug!) and I posted some ninja girl drawings from a Dr. Sketchys session on my facebooks.


  1. I love panel six.

  2. "And King Ninja is a major benefactor, while you're here on scholarship. The Ninjas are worth more money than you are, to be frank."

  3. Superhero Girl should major in Finance so that she can negotiate with the insurance agents,

  4. I think it was Aang who once said "Sneak attacks don't work if you say it out loud"

    I don't think ninja boy has learned that, yet.