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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Superhero Girl 81

The idea of ninjas at university makes me so, so happy. This is the best thing about drawing this comic: I can go wherever I want with whatever goofy idea I have.

Oh and hey, Superhero Girl has a new outfit and hair colour! After all, university is where you experiment ... with hair dye. That's when my hair colour started coming out of a box, and I haven't looked back. Can't even remember my hair's natural colour ... brown, I think. I dunno. I designed Superhero Girl's outfit to be a bit on the cute/sexy side (she's got a skirt and leggings to go with her Bjork hair), because university's also where you think about being cute/sexy sometimes for the first time in your life. Later, once you get out on your own to do your superheroing, you think practical. I don't think she'd wear a skirt now.

... I think about superhero outfits a lot. Probably too much.

Btw, my boyfriend paid this comic the highest compliment: it reminded him of Kim Possible*. Yay!

*It's his favourite show.


  1. I love the university sign.

    And SHG looks good with dark hair.

  2. Shouldn't King Ninja follow up his grandiose statement of name with "Mwa ha ha"? Or are you just boldly breaking with tradition here?

  3. Oh, so his name is Trevor? I can't not like him now!
    I would say Superhero Girl is even better than Kim Possible (which I love, too) in some areas. For example your main character is nicer girl than Kim.
    And she looks awesome in this strip, I hope we could see her in this hairstyle and outfit some more.

  4. That university sign is probably my favorite part of this strip.

  5. It's funny he should mention Kim Possible, because in my head, Will Friedle does the voice of the Ninja King :-)

  6. Wow, Ben, you're right! Will Friedle's voice is PERFECT for the Ninja King (at least in this comic...I haven't tried it with any of the older comics yet, but I'm sure you're right).

    I miss the TMNT-style mask (seriously, can we re-introduce that into her wardrobe?), but I guess we're seeing the natural evolution of Superhero Girl into the version we all know and love...

  7. This comic is perfect and if it became an animated tv show I would watch it religiously! Also Kim possible rules!

  8. [SunlessNick]

    I just discovered this comic today, and ended up reading the whole thing on one go. Guess that means I love it!

  9. She looks like Maggie from "Friends With Boys" I actually see that character hairstyle a lot in your drawings. Do you ever wear your hair like that? I think after her battle with Supervillian Girl, she should try and reinvent herself as she tries to "find herself." Dark hair, Ninja Turtle headband, and an updated Star Tee. Show off her powers some like her heat vision. That could've helped in a few past battles. Bring back Roommate Girl!

  10. [SunlessNick]

    It'd be nice to see a return of the outfit she wore against the tentacloid.

    And I love the roommate.

  11. Yeah, I should vary Adult Superhero Girl's outfits a little more. She's just wearing clothes, not an actual uniform, so changing it up seems natural.

    Mike>> I wore my hair like that back in college. ;)

  12. Well since Ninjas, at least real ones, are, more or less, preindustrial versions of Spies and secret couriers, I don't think a high education is that odd.
    But since these are black cloaked cliche ninjas, who are in fact much cooler tahn the real ones anyway, it might really seem odd.

  13. If he's still in college, he's a bit young to be a king -- shouldn't he just be Prince Ninja at this point? Or does he just call himself "King" because he's the leader of his small local band of ninjas, rather than being an official ruler of some sort?