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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Superhero Girl 72

Dropping your sandwich peanut butter side down is the WORST THING IN THE WORLD and causes me to fly into fits of sobbing rage*.

*I am probably kidding about this.**
**Or not. It really sucks!


  1. There's a theory that it's not the slice of bread who falls on the wrong side, it's the person who put the peanut butter on the wrong side of the slice.

    There is rumoured to be a secret technique to determine the right side of the slice of bread before you put your peanut butter on it (also works with butter, jam, honey and nutella).

  2. Peanut butter? Pishaw I say! If it were marshmallow fluff that would be a tragedy.

    A lesson to us all to follow the peanut butter spreading guidelines.

  3. The secret to ensure that the peanut butter side doesn't land on the floor is to tie a cat to the other side of the bread. =^-^=

  4. Wait... In September, does Superhero Girl reboot to #1, and have a crappy new outfit and revised adventures?

  5. Is *that* the future she's from???

  6. JD, I hate to break it to you, but blogspot isn't part of the Warner Brothers media empire...

  7. Excellent, Robert. :D I shall do that whenever I have sandwiches/toast from now on. My cat may not appreciate it, but whatever! I feed her and she'll do what I say.

    JD>>> haha! Eh, I can't say I follow many superhero comics, so can't really do funny commentary on them. ;)

  8. Oh, I should warn you. First, you need to tie the cat back-side-up to the bread as cats always land on their feet. Second, if you drop the cat and bread in that situation and there is butter or peanut butter on the bread, the cat and bread will start hovering in mid air. Some spinning may be involved. =^-^=

  9. Erin wrote: "My cat may not appreciate it, but whatever! I feed her and she'll do what I say."

    Ummm.... you must be new to cat ownership. :)

    (Just to be explicit: "Cat ownership" means the cat owns *you*.)

  10. So I saw this:
    This is from..guess who? The Canadian Prime Minister's Google+!! Hahaha!

  11. So true, the last week happened the same to me, it was the worst thing that ever happened in my life. Anyone can turn into a psycho-villain after this.

  12. I made spaghetti and I went all out. My final creation would have made Italians start crying and take the first plane home to mama.
    To finish it off, I gave it a light dusting of cheese.
    The cheese was green-blue instead of yellow.
    I hadn't noticed it had turned moldy
    My rage was awesome to behold.

  13. Did anyone else notice that her heart is right side up on panels 2 & 3? (Or maybe the hearts just upside down on panel 4? I don't remember!! v.v R.I.P, memory of which way the heart is supposed to go...)

    1. The trauma of her dropped sandwich turned her evil, so she turned the heart upside down to reflect her inner upheaval...