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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Superhero Girl 70

I had to stick a Clark Kent joke in this comic at some point in time. Spectacle is a Reverse Clark Kent. She puts ON her glasses to fight crime. And I'm sure they help in fights, too, because you should never hit someone with glasses (them's the rules).

In my various attempts to make this humble blogspot a little more comic-navigation friendly, I put a link to the first comic at the top of the page, so you don't have to go back through the archives to read from the beginning. Hope it helps any new readers!


  1. Don't forget the curl of hair down the middle of her forehead! That's what really sells the Clark to Superman transformation.

  2. Is SHG being sarcastic to Spectacle? (I hope she is. Truly.)

  3. That's cute that Spectacle doesn't even worry about revealing her TRUE FACE to SHG.

    But I wonder: does she need the glasses, or are they just frames? Is she a contacts girl, day to day?

  4. I'm surprised SHG isn't envious of Spectacle's flight powers. In addition, I'd have though ypou'd have made some comment about flight and skirts

  5. I like her knee pads. Way better than knee voids...

  6. Superhero Girl looks grumpy. Spectacle is rich, pretty, and popular. And to top it off, she can fly. Another one of those "perfect" people who seem to get everything handed to them on a silver platter while SHG is struggling to figure out how to pay rent.

    Also, thank you for the link to the beginning, Faith! That should help new readers out a lot.

  7. "And I'm sure they help in fights, too, because you should never hit someone with glasses (them's the rules)."

    You'd be surprised how few people follow those "rules"...

  8. I hope I speak for everyone when I ask when are we gonna get to know SHG's, her roommate's, and cat's name. I have a solid black cat named Pete, weird for a cat, right?
    So here are my suggestions for names:
    Superhero Girl------Tanya
    Roommate Girl-------Jamie
    Cat-----------------Pete(Sorry the name fits that cat so well)

  9. Ha ha! The irony! Glasses - tiny mask - glasses - tiny mask.

    Brilliant stuff.

  10. "Hope it helps any new readers!"

    Yes, yes it did.

  11. sarcasm, the best thing since pie and rollercoasters C: