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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Superhero Girl 65

Oh crap! I sense possible fisticuffs in the future! Have at thee!

Well, I liked Spectacle enough that I wanted to bring her back and make her do stuff. Not quite sure what yet since I finished drawing this storyline, but I'm sure it'll be SPECTACULAR. (Or not.)

We're actually getting very close to the current comics, and when we do, Superhero Girl will be going once a week instead of twice a week. It's been awesomely fun to do twice a week updates for these past 7 months or so, but I only draw one SHG comic a week so can't go any faster than that. O wells!


  1. Followed a link to your site a few weeks ago. Enjoying what I'm seeing so far!

  2. Small misunderstandings can lead to big problems.

  3. But will she make a...

    (Wait for it...)

    SPECTACLE of herself?

  4. Fashion makes the man? Or super hero?

  5. What exactly does Orson Welles have to do with anything? I don't understand.

  6. (a) I'll mis the semi-weekly updates, but my greater sympathy is with the demands you have on your time.
    (b) About now would be a good time for SG's roommate to show up with her superpower of common sense...

  7. If that happened to me, I'd tell them that they could have just knocked. Or ask them to pay to fix the hole they made.

    The evil thing I probably wouldn't worry about so much, since everyone I know or care about would take quite a lot to start thinking of me as evil. (I have however been told by various people that they wouldn't want me as an enemy... I have no idea why, but then I don't seem to have any enemies.... Well there was that one person, but he kind of fled to a different country, so he doesn't count)

  8. Whatever powers Spectacle has, I'm sure they're really shiny and obvoius. Spectacular, even.


    "A misunderstanding just blew a hole in my damage deposit" has got to be one of the best lines I've read all week. And I love the way you drew SG in the 'Fwip' panel...she's so cute when she's in over her head. (Which, granted, is most of the time.) Good comic!

  9. Ooor, maybe it will be a classic "misunderstanding leads to a conflict between two superheroes" instead of a superhero team-up.