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Friday, April 22, 2011

Superhero Girl 50

I am really terrible at parties, so I relate to this. Seriously. It's especially bad during the rare times I go to comic-related parties full of professionals whose work I enjoy but I can't do much but babble at them, and ... it ends badly. Parties are horrible for people who are horrible at them.

Also: Hey, it's comic strip #50! Take that ... um ... whoever doubted I could make it to comic #50! Which was probably nobody.


  1. How to talk to people at parties, tip #1 : don't punch them.

    1. But... but they SERVE punch at parties!?!

  2. Wait... you mean you're not supposed to punch people at parties?

    Well crap... that explains new year's eve.

  3. Your work is crazy amazing! Love the line quality and how you balance details in your work; you put in just the right amount to tell the story and have it read really and have great style at the same time. Plus the humor and characters are fantastic. So cool.

  4. I'm terrible at parties too. x_x The worst thing is that I always forget that fact when someone invites me to a party. I think, "Oh, a party! Gee, that sounds fun." Then I get there, and suddenly remember that I hate parties, but I still have to stay a polite amount of time.

    I am really enjoying the SHG saga. If you decide to start selling the book online, I will definitely buy one (or six, Christmas is only like 8 months away XD).

  5. well said. I usually need to drink more punch to get along at parties.