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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Superhero Girl 019

So guess what! Skeptical Guy? Not a supervillain, not Superhero Girl's Archnemesis. Just a jerk skeptical guy, unwilling to take Superhero Girl's word that she is indeed a bonafide superhero. Sadly, you meet a lot of people like Skeptical Guy when you're pursuing, well, anything of worth. Like, y'know, say you want to be an artist! (Well, more a storyteller, but art's part of the stories you want to tell.) Boy howdy, will you meet a LOT of people along that professional road who are only happy to "constructively critique" everything you draw or write or scribble on a page or whatever, and NOT BELIEVE you when you say you want to be a certain kind of writer/artist/whatever and ACT OFFENDED if you don't believe their non-belief in your abilities, and that can be pretty horrible. But eventually you realize, hey, those people? They aren't supervillains standing in the way of what you want (okay, some are, but most aren't), they're just annoying Skeptical Guys, and you would totally do something non-heroic to them if you weren't ... completely exhausted ... from working an all-nighterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anyway. Art college can suck it. Yeah.


  1. Aww, she's a sleepy little ninja superheroine! =^-^=

  2. The amazing superpower of boreman !

  3. I totally ship Superhero girl X Skeptical Guy. :)

  4. Whaddya mean, not her archnemesis?

    They just clashed, she wound up unconscious -- looks archnemesissy to me!

  5. Good point, Kurt. ^^

    Lucky >> I think the ability to bore someone to death would be the greatest superpower ever.

  6. He's her archnemesis because he attacks her weak point: her self-confidence. Or self-image. Whichever. Maybe both. But so far he's managed to have a drastic psychological effect on her every time they've met, so I think he qualifies.

    So... I take it nobody's going to reward Superhero Girl for saving the city?

    1. Nah, she forgot to wait until the news crews showed up before vanquishing the monster, so she won't get any credit for it.

  7. This strip is great. Any chance of a collection down the line?

  8. Boo! An American Speller picking on my British words! ... hm, that could totally be a supervillain.

    Typo>> I'm hoping to do a collection at some point. There aren't enough strips right now. I'm sure I'll announce it when I get to that point. :)

  9. "I think the ability to bore someone to death would be the greatest superpower ever."

    I know that person. My Adobe Flash professor. It's a slow acting power of course, but I am convinced that if I had to bear another semester with him, that I would indeed die of boredom, or at least suicide to cure myself of the boredom.

    Also like your story about the Skeptical Guys of the world :) We just gotta deal with them, and ignore 'em.

    I love seeing a superhero get exhausted to the point of falling asleep in public. It's a really fun idea. I mean, yeah she's a superhero but she just fought her butt off and needs some R&R. You have a really fun spin on the superhero world.

  10. Indeed. Art college can suck it. Couldn't agree more. ^_^

    "Sukie was a kid, she liked to hang out at the art school
    She didn't enrol, but she wiped the floor with all the arseholes"

  11. i am soo sensing a love-hate relashonship between these two. sometimes being a pain in the butt is the only way dudes can get noticed by kick-butt girls like her.