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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Superhero Girl 011

First of all, thanks to everyone who pointed out that there are lots of superheros who have non-tragic origins, so if you ever meet up with the real life version of Skeptical Guy, be sure to correct him, using sources and footnotes.

Otherwise, Superhero Girl has had a very bad day, which is about to get worse! Enter ... the plot. I try not to do "to be continued!" comics, but I've had to do two in a (so far) 41 comic run due to the restrictions of working in print. So it's totally not my fault, you guys! Anyway, it was time, I felt, for Superhero Girl to meet something that will test her superhero mettle. Something she can hopefully punch.

Also, did you know there is no spellcheck for hand-lettering? That is why "existential" is misspelled. Also totally not my fault. (Awesome local comic store Strange Adventures makes a cameo here. Way to make Superhero Girl feel bad, Strange Adventures!)


  1. I absolutely love that you cameoed Strange Adventures. She's totally walking up Sackville Street, too, though I think you may have made the incline a little shallow. I swear that road is near vertical.

  2. I'm digging these a lot!

    Also, re: "thanks to everyone who pointed out that there are lots of superheros who have non-tragic origins"

    Hahaha! Sometimes people can't spot the difference between when a character is speaking, and when the author is speaking.

    Legendary crime writer Ed McBain once wrote a novel in which a detective mentioned that Poe was the creator of Sherlock Holmes. Suddenly, people were writing to McBain to explain who actually created Holmes... as if McBain didn't know.

  3. Sometimes I do use characters to talk about things that I have opinions about. This time it was more, 'I would like to make fun of a certain kind of know it all nerd.' ;)

    Glad folks are enjoying the comic!

    Tulokyn>> I HATE Sackville St.! My boyfriend always makes fun of how I huff and puff my way up that street but dammit it is STEEP.

  4. yay for a not perfect world! :P

    i just love how you don't have superhero girl constantly battling. there are way too many superhero comics like that, and real people don't work all the time so why should superheroes?