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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Superhero Girl 85

And thus, with the re-emergence of the panhandler Superhero Girl gave change to all the way back in comic #1, ends her completely accidental origin story. Seriously, I just started out doing some comics about her as a kid, and then it grew into this whole thing. But I like how it turned out. I hope you enjoyed it too! Urgh, and apologies for not being around lately to reply to comments and such. Work is absolutely drowning me, and it's a struggle to get anything done. I do read the comments, though, and really appreciate them. Thank you so much, lovely readers!

On another note, my boyfriend Tim is nearing the conclusion of his online comic One of Those Days. I'm very proud of Tim and his commitment to finishing the comic (it'll be done before I finish Ice, that's for sure), as well as how much he's improved his artwork over drawing 200+ pages. He's looking for guest comics/guest art to celebrate the end of the comic, so if you're interested in doing that, give him a shout.

Oh, and I just did a huge comic recommendation post over on the website for Friends With Boys, so if you're interested in graphic novels and not sure what to read, I can maybe help you out with that. :)


  1. Narrators are poor paid these days.
    By the way, would you put any love interest for Superhero Girl? Following the analogy of Kim Possible, wouldn´t be fun if Ninja King turned to be a nice boyfriend?

  2. This guy reminds me of the hobo that became an Internet sensation because of his voice (as he used to be a radio host or something...)

  3. Origin stories are entertaining when they're done well; I'm glad that superhero girl is more relatable than more indestructible heroes. Nothing to hamper your identity than a nice older brother who loves you and is better than you at fighting crime. (Kidding; I love my older brother, and we're in different fields.)

  4. Omniscient narration is a better busking method than most.

  5. I agree with Craig. I'd feel better about giving handouts to panhandlers if they narrated cool stuff about me.

  6. Yeah, having a stranger narrate your life's story deserves something. At least a couple dollars.
    ...either that or they're stalking you. But that's just creepy.

  7. I seriously wonder what she looks like in color, seriously, if there is a super dramatic story plot or something you come up with, it would be cool to see it in color. We could all see if she is blonde or a red head and what color is all of her shirts (assuming they are the same color) and is her cape and mask the classic red and black or are they other colors.

  8. Been a weekly reader since this was posted on one of the Gawker sites, and have just re-read the whole lot again tonight. Fantastic work, and it is great to see how much the art, story and characters have evolved since the first strip.

    With the return of the hobo and the end of the origin story, it feels like a circle has been completed, and that this would be a great place to end a printed "Season 1" book (hint, hint ;])

    Oh, and going through it all, I have to say King Ninja's line "Hire me! I have a crown!" is my favourite of the lot. I might have to use that at a job interview one day (if I ever have an excuse to wear a crown to an interview...)

    My only question is, what is the hobo doing on the roof with SHG? =D

    Look forward to the continued adventures of SHG!