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Friday, December 24, 2010

Superhero Girl 016

FOOOM is the best word ever.

I think this was the comic where I said to myself, "dude, if I am going to draw this comic, I'm going to DRAW THIS COMIC." With Superhero Girl it's always a tug of war between "I have no time for this and I get paid diddly so lets churn this out as fast as possible" and "I like this comic a lot, and I should spend time developing something just for me." Unfortunately, lack of time usually wins out.

Also, I share a page in the Coast with Mike Holmes, whose comics frequently put mine to shame, so I feel I have to catch up with him sometimes. ^_^ Go here for Mike's stuff.


  1. I'm wondering whether the Sceptical Guy is her nemesis or her sidekick? It looks like he could go both ways.

  2. Maybe its just me, but it looks like the monster is shooting out hair instead of fire.

    Not a bad thing. I like it regardless :P

  3. "FOOM" is, of course, also a Marvel Comics fan magazine, derived from the word "FOOM," which Stan Lee loved to kick around in the 60s, so you're also being coolly meta, even if you didn't intend it.

    Fun strip. I'll keep reading.

  4. FOOM was a club (with a mag as JD said) and stood for Friends Of Old Marvel. I still have my membership card somewhere...