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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Origins of Superhero Girl

To get things started, I'm going to do a post about the origins of this comic. It started as a joke (as most things do), and was maybe originally a comment about girls/superheroes/comics/whatever. I can't really remember. But one day I sat down and doodled this goofy comic:

It is pretty goofy, huh? But it got me thinking that I should do a comic about a superhero girl and her kind of ordinary, kind of crappy life. And that's where all this began. Then a few months later a local Halifax weekly, The Coast, was looking for a new comic strip for their paper, and I figured it'd be a great way to motivate me to actually draw the thing. Dealing with the restrictions of a newspaper (I have to draw everything a certain size! Ick!) is frustrating sometimes, but the Coast lets me do what I want (as long as I make my deadline), so it's been a good experience. I'm 35+ comics into the strip, and I'm looking forward to posting them online for the internet to see.
... I feel like I've been keeping a comic secret for a while. It's nice to finally share.


  1. lol. Cute little vertical strip. Looking forward to read more. I think I'm into humorous superheroines these days why with yours and empowered by Adam Warren.

  2. What strikes me is how appropriate the heart-shaped chest emblem is for a superhero and yet the genre never appropriated it and now it's integral to girls' fashion...

  3. Just discovered the comic and I'm throughly enjoying it. Thank you.